Income inequality.  Racism.  Workers rights.

Ecological crisis.  Endless War for profit.


From protests in the streets to mainstream calls for political revolution, people are losing faith in our basic social, political and economic systems and institutions.


Rediscovering our own agency, we are collectively imagining what a truly free and democratic society would look like–and organizing and acting to make that vision real through fundamental, systemic, radical change.


Join us.


I use the term radical in its original meaning–getting

down to and understanding the root cause. It means facing a system that does not lend itself to your needs

and devising means by which you change that system.

Ella Baker


Radical Democracy is an invitation to explore transformative social and political movements through original interviews, graphic memes, and an archive of important radical manifestos, documents and essays.


From the Freedom Movement, Second Wave Feminism and New Left of the 1960s through Occupy,  Black Lives Matter and beyond, Radical Democracy explores ideas and movements devoted to creating a more just and truly democratic society.  Activists, organizers and writers share stories, experience and insights from struggles past and present, and discuss collaboratively creating a new “Movement of movements” for social, racial, political

and economic justice.


America was begun by its radicals. America was built by its radicals. The hope and future of America lies with its radicals.  Saul Alinsky


Conversations with: Alan Haber and Tom Hayden, Students for a Democratic Society;  Bob Moses, The Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee; Maria Svart, Democratic Socialists of America;  Winnie Wong, Occupy Wall St, The People for Bernie Sanders; Sofia Campos, Immigrant Rights Activist;  Bill Ayers, education reformer and co-founder, Weather Underground; Yotam Moram, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Sandy and The Wildfire Project;  Dr. Gwen Patton, SCLC, SNCC, founder National  Assn. of Black Students; Joan Blades, co-founder of MoveOn.org;  Bill Bigelow, The Zinn Education Project; James Garret, SNCC, CORE, founder Black Student Union movement, Nabile Hassein and Dominique Scott, the Movement for Black Lives, and many more.


Sit down and read.  Educate yourself for the coming conflicts.

Mary Harris “Mother” Jones


Archive documents include: Port Huron Statement, Black Panther Ten Point Program,  The Radical Education Project, Red Stocking Manifesto, Declaration from the Occupation of NYC,  Native American Manifesto for Change, Movement Action Plan, the Communist Manifesto and the Declaration of Independence.


Nothing terrifies those running America more than the danger of true democracy breaking out.  David Graeber


Producer:  David Olson is an independent media producer, artist and activist.  He is co-founder of digital communication agency speakeasy productions, and former executive director of MediaChannel.org, a non-profit media watchdog group in NYC.